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“We help upper-level K-12 leaders build strategies, leadership, and cost-effective solutions to implement complex initiatives that rely on technology” ~Dr. Rich Contartesi, Founder

With over 35 years of successful experience in large, mid-size, and small school districts, we understand why projects stall or never get off the ground. Take advantage of Dr. C’s experience, insight and relationships.

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Is your school district technically, culturally and instructionally prepared to successfully implement and support Personalized Learning or other instructional initiatives?

Is your implementation team

• missing deadlines
• over budget
• operating in silos
• playing the blame game
• squabbling over devices/platforms
• over committed
• under resourced
• burnt out

We understand

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You can trust K12 as a Service to quickly get your initiative on-track


K12 as a Service leverages a unique blend of in-house talent and proven partners that can quickly identify and address key problem areas stifling your initiative.

K12 as a Service provides valuable short-term, cost-effective engagements to reboot implementation strategies reducing risk, increasing stability, and restoring effective processes, getting your project back on-track.

K12 as a Service provides Express Review and Services to pin-point the problem, generate momentum, and expedite problem resolution.


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Express Review and Services

Organizational Analysis and Alignment

We evaluate if you have the right people in the right place at the right time to implement your project

We analyze if you have the most effective, efficient,
and economical workflow processing to implement your project

Process Analysis and Reengineering

Infrastructure Analysis

We evaluate if you have sufficient and scalable bandwidth, communication networks, and wireless technology to implement your project

We examine if your district is complying with FERPA, COPPA, CIPA, and other state and federal requirements, safeguarding that students are working in a secure technology environment

Privacy and Security

Classroom Technology

We evaluate if your classroom learning environment, including devices and cloud-based applications will support Personalized Learning, 1:1, or other instructional initiatives

We facilitate communication among departments to collaboratively define goals, commitment, resources, budget, and realistic project timelines

Integrating Instruction and Technology

Subject Matter Experts (SME)

We provide schools and vendors with a realistic CIO, CTO technology perspective.  District staff and technology vendors can benefit from honest feedback and begin to work collaboratively to resolve technical issues.

We facilitate the development of a “living, breathing, and useful” strategic plan that addresses short and long-term vision and attainable deliverables

Strategic Planning


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