CIO Forum

The CIO Forum is a specifically tailored platform for CIO’s to continue the discussion of important and timely topics in a safe and private environment. Forum topics are not just restricted to technology but also to issues and concerns related to being a CIO. Each CIO group will have an opportunity to build synergy, camaraderie, and professional relationships.

A structured meeting will be scheduled once a month for 1.5 hours. CIO’s will select topics, choose a chair, and recorder for each meeting. Each CIO must make a commitment to participate and attend each of the scheduled monthly meeting for the forum to be successful.

Topics may range from district politics, climate and culture, leadership, communication, or a myriad of other pertinent issues of the day. Each CIO will be responsible to provide empirical feedback that adds value to the conversation. CIO’s can also touch on subjects such as job loss, difficult work-place situations, trust, or other sensitive topics.

Every CIO session will develop a theme that can be carried over to the next month’s meeting. Building themes will help to develop a repository of information that members can research, analyze, append, or refer to at any time. Thirty minutes of every meeting will be dedicated to professional development and collaboration. This segment will focus on requests generated from the previous months theme. For example, if a discussion regarding communication is a theme, a well know expert could present positive techniques for better communication. If a member is interested in SSO, a few vendors could present options to give members some food for thought.

The CIO Forum is a “working group” that supports new and seasoned CIOs. If you are interested in becoming a CIO Forum member, please select “Learn More” for additional information.