Have you ever been to a conference and been impressed by the rapid-fire dialogue, the positive synergy, and just the overall feeling that everyone in the room is really engaged and looking for real-life answers to complex problems? During conferences, CxOs and Vendors have an opportunity to collaborate and discuss common issues and concerns by providing valuable input based on a variety of unique perspectives. The goal at most conferences is to bring awareness regarding complex topics and start momentum to begin change. I enjoy being part of the discussions and usually pumped to make a difference, but as I leave the utopian environment of the conference, I know I’m going back to a world with budget constraints, unlimited needs and scarce resources; and of course, politics.

Over time, as the conference became a distant memory, I reflect how the group workshops with vendors and CIOs was an influential and powerful experience. It became apparent that we were comfortable to freely engage in open dialog and collectively acknowledged that collaboration and relationship building is the most effective way to breakdown silos and generate real change.

How can we maintain the synergy, meaningful ideas, positive group work results? How can we maintain excitement and engagement? It’s difficult…but not impossible.

K12aaS is developing a process to continue the positive energy, camaraderie, and workflow beyond the conference. Sharing common experiences creates a wealth of information for us to grow and creatively solve problems whether in our home district or within our companies. This collaborative climate for change is essential in solving complex problems that save time, resources, and possibly your job!

The CIO and Vendor Forum’s provide a safe-space for open communication and collaboration long after conferences have ended. The vision is to continue building relationships and trust that mature over time.