Vendor Forum

The Vendor Forum provides a safe environment for vendors to collaborate in a productive way. The days of “silos” are over! Vendors recognize the criticality of collecting valuable input, from a variety of sources, to help keep their products relevant. Creativity and disruptive thinking are required to improve products, so why not develop an environment for vendors to share vision, ideas and process.  The Vendor Forum is a call to action, to strengthen relationships among vendors and effectively produce mature, functional, and reliable products that meet the needs of school districts.

The Vendor Forum is a place for discussion and constructive feedback with a goal of improving communication and products. Vendors also have an opportunity to collaborate with the CIO’s developing understanding and trust essential in building positive relationships. Vendors can also request mini-review sessions, to present innovative ideas and concepts that could help CIO’s reach their goals.

Vendors can also engage the CIO Forum to fully evaluate specific vendor products prior to entering the marketplace. Vendor product are critiqued, by an objective group of CIO’s and Instructional Technologists, providing realistic and truthful feedback which can help vendors realize significant savings in R&D and marketing; or by preventing the development or implementation of a product either not ready or wanted in the K12 market place.

The Vendor Forum is a “working group”. If you are interested in becoming a member, please select “Learn More” for additional information.